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Wireless Presentation and Conferencing System

Bring your own meeting to any space. Host a meeting from anywhere, whether everyone is in the room, remote, or a combination of the two-all from just one device. Our Wireless Presentation and Conferencing system makes content sharing easy.

Digital Workplace Platform

A workplace that works for everyone.

The hybrid workplace. Different schedules, spaces, and a very dispersed workforce make the hybrid workplace a very dynamic experience. And challange. Our Digital Workplace Platform is designed to make that experience work for everyone - seamlessly connecting people to the right spaces with the right technology for greater engagement.

A solution for the hybrid work world.

One platform that seamlessly coalesces a dispersed organisation into one workforce.



An equal experience for everyone.

Optimise engagement and participation.

Effortless content sharing in any space.

The right technology available for hotdesking and hoteling.

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One platform. Easy to use, deploy, and support.

From IT to C suite, from on site to at home, our Digital Workspace Platform makes it easy for everyone to work successfully. One platform makes it easy to standardise spaces and experiences that are easy to replicate, simple to use. One dashboard helps us manage your whole oragnisation remotely and efficiently.


Desktop. Tabletop. Front of room. Custom spaces. On site or off, our Video Conferencing solutions make collaborating easy and productive. Intelligent audio and video ensure everyone, in-person or remote, participates equally. Seamless integration with localised and network AV makes content distribution, sharing and conferencing effortless.

Designed for productivity and camaraderie.

Video Conferencing



Find the right space at the right time - every time. Our Scheduling solutions keep your organisation moving. Every type of space can be booked on the same platform, so everyone gets the right space whenever they need it. And every space gets smarter - delivering data that optimises utilisation and planning.

Built for today. Scalable for tomorrow.

One comprehensive technology operations management platform makes it easy to support the rooms you have today or add rooms as you grow.

  • Deliver rooms that work consistently and flawlessly all from a single dashboard.

  • View health of your rooms and devices.

  • Centrally configure and deploy your technology.

  • Control your technology remotely.

  • Schedule and push updates.

  • Get enhanced insights to increase device and room usage.

  • Increase room uptime with automated operations.

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