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Designed to propel productivity

Phones that are dedicated meeting hubs. Mini tabletop devices that bring big features to small spaces. Products that deliver the best audio and video experience. The ease of one touch access to video conferencing, content sharing and smart room controls. The simplicity of one management platform. With our hardware you can realise the full potential of Microsoft Teams in every corner of your organisation.

A flawless Microsoft Teams Rooms experience everywhere

Our hardware can help you make any space a productive Microsoft Teams Room. From hotdesking to training rooms, our products deliver the right audio and video to each space. The ease of one touch join and the ability to effortlessly move a meeting from a desktop to conference room. Our hardware has all the features you need to keep your teams working together on Microsoft Teams efficiently and productively.

Personal Office


Small Room

Medium Room

Large Room

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Your spaces have potential. Realise it with our Flexible custom integration.

Sometimes, it seems like there are as many kinds of workspaces as there are workplaces. Traditional office, conference room and huddle room configurations have been joined by lobbies, break-out rooms and other novel spaces. As businesses seek to work and collaborate in ever more flexible ways. These unique spaces pose an integration challenge. Our hardware for Custom Spaces meets this challenge - allowing you to create the same user experience in every workspace, traditional or unique, for a seamless transition from room to room.

Our Flexible Custom Solutions integrate with your choice of peripherals.

Our solutions give you the freedom to choose the room peripherals that best fit the needs of your environment. Take training rooms, auditoriums, divisable rooms for example. Each of these spaces can serve multiple purposes and require different technologies to ensure the room is used efficiently. Our hardware solutions integrate with numerous third party products, such as displays, cameras, microphones, switchers and audio conferencing to create the optimal experience.

One solution from one partner.

Today organisations are striving to accomplis all kinds of missions in all kinds of workspaces and places. Simplicity, flexibility abd continuity are key. In this new work environment our Flexible system is the one solution that delivers everything you need.

One touch to book, launch, present and control the room

Walk up to any room, check its availability and book your meeting. Take your seat and one touch starts your Microsoft Teams meeting. Lower the shades and the temperature without ever leaving your chair. Our Flexible platform focuses on making technology work so your focus stays on making your meeting a success.

Explore your solution

Microsoft Teams


A dedicated desktop collaboration device. Ideal for: private offices, hotdesking, hoteling and phone booths

  • Be heard by an integrated high fidelity microphone

  • See content clearly on a 10” high resolution touch screen

  • One touch control to join, manage or launch a meeting

  • Manage your calendar, contacts, and events

The simplicity of one management system

We are able to deploy, monitor and manage thousands of wireless devices locally and gloabally from a single dashboard in minutes through our cloud service.

Streamlined installation:

  • Pre-wired systems make setup simple

  • Sign or plug-in to be instantly connected.

Our Cloud-based deployment allows management at scale:

  • Provision thousands of devices in the same time it takes to configure one

  • Remotely monitor and manage all of your workplace technology

  • Improve device uptime: resolve events remotely and efficiently

  • Improve space and investment strategy with usuage data and analytics 


The dedicated support of one company

With our range of support packages you have the flexibility to choose the one that's right for you. So you get the support and warranty coverage you need to keep your systems up and running.


The flexibility of a subscription

The amazing products you want, running the video conferencing platform you prefer, with payment options that are right for you.

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