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Welcome to Drexler Hooke


James Davies
Group Director

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We've never forgotton that our business is
all about our clients

"Building a relevant, useful and effective product is at the core of everything we try to achieve. We are constantly evolving with the direction of technology, being conscious of future trends and understanding their potential applications.

What drives us forward is our passion to enhance people’s lives, whether at home or in the workplace. Technology has never been more accessible and we are seeing demands change, largely driven by a better understanding of technology by the end user.

Covid has caused an explosion in the growth of video conferencing platforms and the hardware required to implement these. We have always been at the forefront of unified communications and are in an excellent position to exploit this complete step change in peoples preferred way to communicate.

We are also hugely attuned to the ‘working from home’ strategy that many businesses now choose to employ. Our years of experience working in the residential development market has given us a unique edge and allows us to bridge the gap between workplace and home. This is why we have opened a new business which better defines our ability to serve these requirements.

F1FibreFast is a business based on the speed of technology. Our clients are able to completely define and acquire the level of support and service they wish to from our ecommerce site.   

Like Drexler Hooke, F1FibreFast is defined by our key performance indicators and our number 1 KPI is creating value for the client.  

We are and, continue to be the best value for money installation business available. Our meticulous planning, procurement and attention to detail allow us to make these savings for our clients and still run a buoyant business.   


We’ve never forgotten that our business is all about our clients and we will never take them for granted."


James Davies, Group Director 




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