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Drexler Hooke About Us

Founded in 2009, Drexler Hooke is a London-based technology installer and consultancy practice. We offer comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help clients solve the most complex issues.

Whether commercial or residential we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in construction, architecture and interior design. Operating since 2008, each year we have a bigger list of clients who keep coming back because they know we’re the best at what we do. Experts in bespoke cinema design and connected-home living we have clients in London, all over the UK and Europe.


At Drexler Hooke we believe that technology can enhance all of our lives. Working in harmony with us and only interacting at the levels we are comfortable with.

We know that every client is an individual and will react to their environment in a different way. The deep connection we now have with our online personas via smart phone and tablet gives us the ability to be more social and more individual than ever before. Sharing experiences with our friends and family, whether at home, in the office or travelling in the world. This is the true definition of modern luxury. Through integrated design comes the ability to enhance this experience and connect with others in ways not possible before.  

We are passionate about design and quality of experience. Drawing on influences from the best of British like the Mod culture of sixties, the Punk Culture of the seventies, House and Rave culture of the eighties and nineties Britain has been at the forefront of world design and style for generations. The spin-off influence can be seen all over the UK today and one of the most beautiful results is the melting pot of London. With such a canvas you cannot help being inspired everyday to innovate and evolve.           

With technology creeping into our existence finding new ways to surprise and delight us we should be thinking about how we can evolve our environments to keep up. One of the most practical things that can be achieved is through upgrades to our services. Having the ability to monitor and adjust energy usage in real time is now easily achievable and will really push forward our energy usage commitments.

 Modernising a building whether existing or new to make it more sustainable is part of our ideology. We would only use LED lighting in our lighting designs for example and would try to incorporate solar or wind where possible. We have access to many contemporary and eco friendly products some made from renewable materials. Check our shop or get in touch to find out more.