Multi-Room Audio

If you already own a Sonos product or a Bluetooth speaker then you already have the stepping stones for a Multi-Room Audio system. The concept is a simple one – to get music in every room and for it to be completely controllable from any device.

  • Recommend: Manufacturers vary in quality and ability. It’s our job to do the hard work for you. Do you really want to spend hours figuring out what hardware will support what codec or what streaming service offers the highest playback resolution?

  •  Integrate: Build sound into the very fabric of your building. Many of the manufacturers we use offer the ability to connect with speakers that can be ‘built in’. Whether flush mounted ceiling or wall speakers or completely hidden plaster-in speakers there are many options.

  • Control: From beautifully crafted interfaces to apps. How do you get your music, be it on your phone, your tablet or even on a NAS drive into your system? With our experience in enterprise grade networks and wireless optimisation you never need to worry - we’ve got your back!

  • Consume: Playlists, Songs, Artists and more. Your time should be taken up by discovering new music to experience and to enjoy. With the types of systems we put together for you, you will be completely immersed and hear every note as the artist intended.


High Fidelity (Hi-Fi)

Drexler Hooke have a long history with ‘HiFi’, our founder trained as a musician and has an exquisite ear. His benchmark is to be able to close his eyes and not be able to tell if it’s a musician or a sound system playing. He is rarely fooled, however many years ago we did sponsor an event at the Royal Opera House where a young opera singer was pitted against a very lively high end system and his confidence was shaken!

  • Listen: To understand quality one must taste it. If we had a pound for every time someone said that they wouldn‘t be able to tell the difference between a top end sound system and a high street  main brand we would all be millionaires! Yes listening is a skill, which can be developed by anyone - much like drinking wine or fine dining. Let us sit you down and give you a tour of amazing sound.

  • Source: The key to any great system is the quality of media. If you put trash in you’ll get trash out – even if you have £100k pair of speakers. When determining your budget and what part of the system to invest in always start at the source. If vinyl’s your thing then a great deck would be the way to go or perhaps digital media, then an epic digital streaming device. We can steer you in the right direction and give you the options to help you make a more informed choice.

  • Precision: Manufacturers using Aerospace technology. The engineering excellence that goes into high end HiFi should not be dismissed. Companies, many of them based in the UK, use the latest and most cutting edge technology to give beautifully crafted pieces. Take the Kef Muon, pictured here it’s very design only possible by using the very latest in computer aided design software.     

Dolby Atmos Cinema


A bespoke built Cinema is what many people aspire to today. We are consuming more media now than ever before; the tragedy is that most movies and series are being experienced via a tablet or mobile phone. Getting that surround sound, big screen performance can be scaled using quality components. There are small things you can do that will give you massive benefits and will make watching that latest blockbuster a far better experience.


  • Sound: The sound is 80% of the Movie. Soundbar technology is now at a stage where adding a soundbar and a sub to your TV will give you an amazing overall experience. For those of you that are budget wary but still want a Cinematic experience this is a great place to start. A soundbar uses a speaker array (many speakers in a line) to give a pseudo surround experience. Bouncing sound off the walls behind you – this coupled with a good sub will make your viewing a lot more fun.

  • Image: 4k, 8k and HDMI 2.1. With the new HDMI 2.1 specification the bandwidth increase will allow higher resolution content to be transmitted from hardware to your screen or projector. Currently 1080p is the most widely used HD format 4k is four times the resolution of 1080p. There are current Blurray discs that have 4k content and are able to give you that via a player but it is really pushing the current spec’s to the limit. With the advent of this new 2.1 spec manufacturers will be able to start producing equipment truly able to produce the very highest image quality.  

  • Design: Bespoke service. When designing a bespoke cinema we take all factors into account. Our THX trained designers and installation engineers use the guidelines set out and always build to exacting standards.

Audio Visual Design

Audio Visual Design is the generic term we in the industry use for anything that encompasses audio or video products, for example a stereo or an LED TV. We at Drexler Hooke offer a comprehensive design facility for anyone wanting to build into their environment Multi-Room audio (music in every room), HiFi (sound systems with amazing playback quality) or Cinema (full surround sound and the current highest definition video content).       

Our THX qualified designers and engineers can bring the highest levels of quality to the most difficult environments. Whether it's an augmented living space with surround sound via a playbar or a fully bespoke cinema room, our experience and skill will deliver unrivalled quality within your budget.