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With today’s work from anywhere workforce, it’s vital to keep everyone connected and productive. That means keeping your Flexible UC solutions working all day, every day. The best way to do that is with the DH Flexible Care premium service and support plan.

At the heart of our DH Flexible Care is the best thing about us; our people

Connect directly with an expert 24/7. No shuffling you off to an outsourced call center. And that expert will do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Discounted on-site Service


Advance Replacement


Extended Warranty

If we need to come to your site, we'll do so at 25% off our standard rate per person per day.~

Extend your warranty coverage period from the standard 3-years to an industry best 5-years when you maintain your DH Flexible Care support plan coverage for the extended warranty period.*


If needed, we'll issue you an advance replacement unit BEFORE we send your existing unit back.*

What's included

24/7 live support and troubleshooting

You'll have a direct line to a dedicated team of our technical support specialist, standing by to assist you, 24/7.

You also have the option to subscribe to our premium Cloud service, which provides us with an intuitive dashboard into all of the systems we have provided for you. This gives us remote provisioning, monitoring and management often being in a position to detect faults before you see them yourselves.

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Program Notes

* The extended warranty applies only to select branded components of the covered conference system product, where our Flexible Care coverage is maintained for the extended warranty period. Our Standard Limited Warranty applies to all third-party branded components, including the UC Engine and standalone cameras. Warranties and Advance Replacements are subject to the terms of our Standard Limited Warranty and Terms and Conditions of Sale.

~ Subject to the terms of our On-Site Support program, where available.

Our Flexible Care is a subscription support plan available in the U.K.and select regions of Europe. Full terms and conditions upon request.

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