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Our video conferencing solution integrates smart building systems into one simple interface.

Dim the lights, lower the shade or adjust the temperature. All without leaving your seat.

Control the room

For true collaboration, everyone, no matter where they work, must be able to participate equally and fully. For the hybrid workplace, that requires solutions with high fidelity audio and intelligent video. And that's how our Video Conferencing makes sure every meeting is an equitable, engaging, and inclusive experience for everyone.

An equal seat at the table for everyone-onsite or remote.

Video Conferencing

Meet with Success

One Platform

Video Conferencing, content sharing, scheduling, management and support integrated into one platform with one sigular goal. Your organisation collaborating at its best.


A solution for every space

Space may differ but your needs remain the same-effective, and productive collaboration. With our solution you can walk into any space confident you'll have high performance audio/video, easy access to video conferencing, wireless conferencing and smart room control. Desktops to training rooms, home offices to global headquarters, our platform connects everyone reliably, expertly, securely, and seamlessly.

Click on a space to find your optimal setup!

Rooms that work the way you work

Sales meetings, vendor presentations, hybrid meetings-your spaces have to handle it all. Android OS or Windows OS. One touch Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms. The ability to connect and present from any mobile device (BYOD). Our Platform makes is easy to collaborate on any platform, in any room.


Hear every word, see everyone with intelligent audio and video

The optimal audio for every space. An equal seat at the table for every participant working in the room or remotely. Our platform consistantly delivers an excellent experience in every space, for every participant. The products we use are fully compatible with Shure, Jabra and Huddly.

Access everything you need to collaborate with.

Initiate a video conference call. Share content wirelessly. Book a meeting. Control a room. The platform integrates everything you need to collaborate successfully, from the same device. New functionality and features are being added all the time to help you work more efficiently and productively.

Click on a service to view our intuitive designs!  


Optimise technology. Maximise room uptime.

We can optimize all of your workplace technology with one comprehensive technology operations platform - XiO Cloud service.

  • Deliver rooms that work consistently and flawlessly

  • View health of your rooms and devices

  • Centrally configure and deploy your technology

  • Control your technology remotely

  • Schedule and push updates

  • Get enhanced insights to increase device and room usuage

  • Increase room uptime with automated operations

The dedicated support of one company

With our range of support packages you have the flexibility to choose the one that's right for you. So you get the support and warranty coverage you need to keep your systems up and running.


The flexibility of a subscription

The amazing products you want, running the video conferencing platform you prefer, with payment options that are right for you.

Dedicated desktop collaboration devices ideal for private offices, hotdesking, hoteling and phonebooths.

Our specialist Phones with Microsoft Teams software.

  • Be heard by a microphone with 3600 pickup

  • See content clearly on a 10" high resolution touch screen

  • One Touch control to join, manage or launch a meeting

  • Manage your calendar, contacts and events

High performance devices built for every type of space

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