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Our purpose is to provide an excellent service to our clients through active management strategies.

By serving our clients we can create a sustainable and durable infrastucture that allows us to support them now and in the future.

People's reliance on us to build technology into their homes or workplaces is a privilage that we do not take for granted.

When we take on a new client or project we make sure that every part of the process is catered for. Our processes have been honed over the last ten years plus of working on high level complex process driven projects.

  • We use a highly skilled design team

  • We manage projects using current recognised standards

  • We make all data available by a centrally managed portal

Providing excellent performance through active decision-making

We strive to understand what clients want and apply this to the products and services we supply. Many, if not all of our projects are bespoke solutions and because of our deep relations and use of technology, we can track and respond to any change required. This is underpinned by our carefully designed structure based on capabilities, which opens up our expertise to every client.

  • By supplying innovative products and services

  • By active and intelligent use of technology

  • By motivating and nurturing talented employees

How we deliver for clients

Our heritage is unique

For more than two decades we have evolved our understanding of relevant technologies and therefore the offering we take to clients.

  • Deep expertise in all workplace or residential technologies

  • Actively driving the growth of our business

  • Global expertise

Creating value for stakeholders

We deliver for you today with a view of how we can enhance your tommorow. Future trends are something we take very seriously when designing technologies for an asset that may have a twenty or thirty year life cycle. 

  • Increasing asset desire by understanding tenant demands

  • Delivering on time and on budget

  • Implementing flexible infrastructure 

Our strategy: delivering long-term value for our clients

Changes in technology continue to gather pace. Our strategy looks decades ahead; it is carefully designed to benefit our clients, as we further diversify our business model towards higher demand areas.

What differentiates us:

We focus on offering products and solutions that are distinctive and a pinpoint of relevance to each client.

Product innovation is key to future proofing our business. As is geographically expanding our reach so we can serve more clients in more jurisdictions. To stay relevant for all our corporate and international clients, we are increasingly providing complete solutions.

Our continued product innovation programme helps us to maintain our strong position in sustainability- a key ambition along with being a strong solutions provider for our clients globally.

Grow Intelligent Building Production

The end user is vital to our business, many times being the entity that has appointed us in the first instance.

We provide a wide range of product training, support and instructional information for end users. Our strategic ambition is to increase our support for end users and build a complete and recurring package to help companies correctly induct staff on the key technologies available to them. 

Build closer relationships with end clients

We are a 'Full Service' Audio Visual and Information Technology (AVIT) company. We offer consultation services, estimates and quotations, supply and installation and full maintenance and support contracts. Our aim and focus is to give you a full package of services so we can manage and streamline your project. This will save time and cost through efficient buying and management of services delivering your project on time and in budget.


When we start working with you on a project we will charge a nominal fee to cover our time and expertise. This will be deducted from your first payment (in full) if you place an order with us. We reserve the right to assert these charges. If you require a quotation or estimate we will deliver this in an agreed time frame and format. All charges will follow our current rate card which you can find via the link below. You can also find our Terms and Conditions below. 

Doing Business With Us



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