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IoT or the Internet of Things is the generic term used for connected devices. You may have already purchased some of these products like a wireless thermostat or an AI speaker. Hiring a company like ours to properly integrate your devices together will supercharge your systems architecture and give you a seamless experience!  

  • Consult: Advice and help to select the right products for you. There are literally hundreds of IoT products on the market and the quality varies.

  • Design: Fitting all of these products together. What goes where, how do you define profiles and what the hell is IFTTT?  

  • IFTTT: If This Then That, a programming strategy. Want to be able to tell your house to go into ‘Night Mode’? It isn’t just a case of connecting Alexa to the system, you have to instruct each product independently. With IFTTT we can create pre-sets so ‘Night Mode’, will close curtains or blinds and turn on the lights.

  • Beyond IoT: Introducing security, reliability and robustness. I think we can all agree the internet of things is still in its infancy. We can help you secure your systems and help really deliver the experience you expect.  

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

To get reliable and secure communications throughout your building it is always recommended to install a backbone. This will form the basis of a high quality network in your building. We have many years of experience building networks for clients both in the commercial and residential sector.

  • Fibre: Highest data speeds. If you’re going to be pushing a lot of data around your network from video conferencing or streaming 4k, fibre is the way to go.

  • Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7: Standard Data cables and their standards! What are the differences, when they matter and when they should be used.

  • Bespoke Design: A package tailored to your needs. We have in house CAD designers that will work with architects and other design professionals to give you the results you expect.

  • End to End: It isn’t just cable! We build whole enterprise grade network structures. From hardware, like managed switches to communication protocols for security.

Control4 Touchscreen


True automation is achieved through consultation and design. When Bill Gates designed his Microsoft mansion ‘Xanadu’, he programmed many of the systems and interfaces himself. They‘re intuitive and easy to use but they also have a deeper understanding and reflect his personality.

  • Monitor: Energy Usage, access control and Fire/Smoke detection. With a well thought through design we can connect systems together creating a hybrid management system able to react from certain stimulus.

  • Control: Access systems remotely. Get information about your building from anywhere in the world. Check and react to operational data.

  • Profile: People are different so let’s adjust for that. Building a system with facial recognition means that the building can truly connect to the individual. Access control can be built in and systems can be programmed to react to that person’s security clearance.

  • Automate: What happens behind the scenes. For some only minor adjustments are needed i.e. changing the lighting scene from a relaxed glow to a defined light for reading. With a well designed and integrated system the platform can be built around scheduled triggers. Open and close blinds or curtains, monitor temperatures and bring up or take down lighting intensities. Using protocols like Bac-Net for comfort are essential. 

Connected Living

Connected living is what integrators call the ability for products to talk to each other. It’s something we have been doing for many years but now companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple are on the scene it makes our offering even more flexible!

Integrating some of these DIY (do it yourself) control solutions into your home, regardless of the hype won’t give you the kind of flexibility that's long been associated with connected technologies like Control4 or Crestron Home. However with our experience we can implement a true fully integrated system that can use your chosen interface i.e. Siri, Alexa or Google to give you control of products that are more than just a thermostat or a light bulb.

Using our tried and tested control systems like Crestron Home or Control4 we are able to write programs that interface directly with the voice command protocols of these devices. So if you ask Siri to unlock your front door it will start a process of turning on the lights, deactivating the burglar alarm and unlocking the door.