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Lighting Design Services

Why Design Matters

Light is essential in any building. Understanding the intricacies is fundamental to the  design and implementation.

What is the orientation of the property, what colour are the walls and how is the room going to be used?

Understanding all the elements of a project allows us to put together a design that best complements what's trying to be achieved and ultimately will deliver the best solution for you.

How we do it

Sitting down and looking at a plan on a piece of paper doesn't capture the imagination in quite the same way a 3D rendering does. The software we use to do this is entirely built around lighting. It shows how the fixture looks in the room, how it projects light and how we set it with the other fixtures in the room.

This gives you a much better understanding of how light will work in your project.


Many clients have told us that putting a lighting control system into their property was the best thing they ever did. It adds a greater level of flexibility and response. Particularly for security purposes but also for practical reasons like automating the change from daylighting to night lighting.

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