Smart CCTV


IoT will allow network cameras to think independently and make smart decisions on their own. Imagine a mesh of network cameras that correspond between each other to alert the next camera of a person or object entering shortly from the left of a given scene. IoT-enabled cameras may also be able to cover up for one of their peers being damaged or obstructed.


  • Cloud: Why and how storage matters. Using cloud based offsite storage has a huge amount of benefits. One of the biggest is access to footage and the ability to share that footage in real time.

  • Cameras: HD 1080p and 4k. All our cameras come with HD as standard we even offer wireless cameras with long lasting rechargeable batteries.

  • Apps: Product specific apps allow easy and intuitive control. Monitor, record and review from anywhere in the world (that you have an internet connection).

  • Scale: Small or Large. We have the ability to do small one or two cameras jobs right up to multi-site control room projects.

Smart Intruder Alarm

Intruder Detection

Connected technologies are a perfect solution for most homes, offices or any location with a lot of windows or doors! Again using long lasting rechargeable batteries the contact sensors and motion sensors are completely wireless. The system sits on the network and will alert the user through a proprietary app to discover what the alert is and take the required action.

  • Contact: Wireless sensors on windows and doors. The perfect product for retro-fitting, quick no mess and easy to configure! Also a great product if you want to be alerted for any other draws or doors being opened like medicine cabinets or safes.

  •  Motion: Detect movement by location. Each product that makes up a connected security system can be individually tagged so you know exactly what sensor is going off and where that sensor is located.

  • React: When and when not to get Police response. With this level of accuracy on a connected system you will be able to instantly tell if someone is breaking into your building or if it’s a false alarm.

  • Click: Arm and Disarm like locking your car. Clickers like your car key to set and unset your alarm and you can use the app to monitor the status (just in case you can’t remember if you set the alarm)!

Smart Doorbell

Automated Doory Entry & Gates

Simple and subtle door entry solutions keep your building secure and looking great. The above image is a smart latch lock with built in camera. Integrating this into the building management system gives a lot of flexibility. It could be scheduled to lock and unlock at certain times or work from geo-locators on your mobile, unlocking when you’re near.

  • Door: Door entry panels and smart locks. See who’s at the door and have two way communication with them while you’re in the building or not. Allow entry via a smart lock, again whether around or not!

  • Gates: Automate gates with VNP recognition or geo-location. Make the glove box shuffle a thing of the past. The system will be able to recognise your vehicle or detect you’re near via your mobile phones location setting.

  •  Pin: Door locks with numeric keypads. Having a door entry keypad means you can give pin codes out for one time entry or schedule them by date and time. This could be useful for cleaners or family members.


In these times of uncertainty integrated security has never been so important to get right. The complex nature in which we interact with our environments, whether in the home or in the office, means ever more demanding security systems are required. Here at Drexler Hooke we completely embrace the IoT connected security devices.

With technologies such as facial recognition we can now program systems to recognise family or staff members and create security profiles for them. For example when your children come home from school the system is able to recognise who they are and release the garden gate.  


You would also be able to set levels of security by profile, which would allow the system to alert you if a certain set of circumstances occur. Blending several different security technologies together like biometrics and facial recognition means you can give the building management direct control over access and monitoring.