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Building intruder detection into the wider system matrix means that the end user now has the ability to start managing tiered levels of response.  With a clear path to escalation if the detected threat continues. This is particularly useful if you have a monitored system with Police response.



In the connected environment cameras become a powerful tool for prevention and detection. Integrating CCTV into the management control allows us to configure output responses like switching on a pre-determined lighting sequence or turning on televisions.

Our CCTV systems are connected to powerful AI's that learn the occupants routines and filter out false triggers like foxes and cats.



Initially we would expect to start with a soft threat response, if the system recognises that someone is prowling the perimeter it could switch random lights on to simulate occupancy.

If the threat continues it could actually detect where the threat is coming from and put security lighting on in that location.

This is when the home owner would start to receive alerts via a smart device.

If the threat is escalated the main alarm would be triggered and the Police alerted.

Intruder Prevention, Detection and Response

Insurance companies state that 42% of crimes committed are opportunistic, these are crimes commited without planning.

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