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Connected Services for Your Clients.

A Building Designer's Toolbox

A collection of simple PDF 'inserts' to add to your sales documentation or tender packages


Looking to add value to a client's project?

Make your presentation stand out with a professional technology

Modern homes require certain levels of tech, whether it be security, decent internet coverage or lighting control systems. Our goal is to help designers, like you, implement your vision.

At Drexler Hooke, we furnish you with the tools to introduce clients 'simply' to the smart home concept.

What you will receive in the toolbox download

Fixed Price 'Smart Systems'

  • Eight fixed priced services via PDF that will work as stand alone systems or mix them together to build a smart home. Add them to you sales pack or tender documentation.

Power Point Presentation

  • 'The Smarter home' presentation; using insightful information to help your clients understand why technology should be at the heart of any sustainable services strategy.

  • Power point file open to edit so you can cross brand.

Partner Application

  • Build additional margin into your project using our rebate scheme.

  • Consultant on hand for additional support.

  • Access to many sample boxes, cases and binders for blind fabrics and lighting switches. FoC.


Give me access to the toolbox!

Thanks for Applying!

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