Blue Box Structure

Blue Box allows us to stamp a project with a full warranty and confidence that the job has been under our control from start to finish. The structure of this is fairly straight forward and follows the Sales flow.

  • Stage 1: Formulation and Presentation of Design Concept. During the initial meeting the designer will go through your plans and discuss the project in detail with you. The aim of this meeting is to ascertain as much information as possible about your building including things like furniture layout and your specific requirements. The more information provided at this stage the better the system.

  • Stage 2: Detailed Plans and Specification. After the initial meeting the designer will prepare a full set of drawings in CAD format, a specific and detailed quotation and full technical information of suggested products. The drawings will contain detail of exact location for each product and reference a cable schedule.

  • Stage 3 & 4: On Going Site Visits and Revisions. We would normally liaise with your electrical contractor during first and second fix installation. Managing cable and back box installation we would inspect and test before it’s too late to do so.

  • Any changes required as the project evolves will be incorporated and new designs issued as needed.

  •  Stage 5: Installation and Commissioning. When the site is secure we will start a scheduled installation phase. Bringing in equipment and installing as it is possible to do so. When it is practical or necessary we will commission systems like lighting, AV and Security.


How to Get Blue Box Status

Blue box status is essentially our way of defining that at every stage of your project our best practices and standards have been followed. The best way to do this is by hiring us from the beginning of the project to design and install. If this isn’t an option, for example if we’re taking over a project that is half way through, we can offer Blue Box Status but we would have to test every cable and connection to make sure it adheres to our strict guidelines.

  • Data Cable: Category 5e, 6 and 7. These cables will usually be the backbone of most systems and therefore will need to be tested thoroughly. We have meters that will scan the cables and print out a report giving all critical information.

  • All Cable: Placement and Bend Ratio. All types of cable are subject to interference, whether static, magnetic or radio frequency. That is why we make recommendations for placement and degrees of insulation. These kinds of issues can cause problems like slow internet, noise on video signals and complete loss of signal.

  • Equipment Placement: Speakers, Network Points, TV’s & Control. The science of placement is essential when designing the room layout. We think through every possible orientation for equipment and use THX and CEDIA guidelines for optimal positioning. This gives a room an intuitive feel and will optimise audio quality and video clarity.

  • Status: Achievement of Standards. The Blue Box standard is measured on a point’s basis, if everything scores correctly we will apply the stamp and you will get a full warranty status. If we have done the whole job from start to finish we will work until the scores from all areas are achieved.  

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What's in the Box

The full details of our warranty and legal obligations are available upon request and every new client will receive a copy in their introduction pack. The below is a summary and gives the outline of our standard of care.


  • Structured Cable: That’s the cables in the wall. We guarantee structured cabling for 7 years. If a cable fails we will replace it free of charge for up to seven years after we installed it.

  • General Cables: HDMI, Speaker Cable, Network and Co-ax. We offer a 3 year guarantee on cables supplied and installed by us outside of the wall. We also offer a fair wear and tear option for this.

  • Equipment: Audio Visual, Control and Security. All hardware comes with a year’s warranty as standard. Depending on manufacturer the product could have a straight swap, an advance replacement or returned for repair. On some products there are extended warranty options and you will be advised of these during the handover period.

  • Labour: Callouts, Maintenance and Program edits. All labour on any new system is free for the first year. Discounted rates are then available on maintenance contracts thereafter depending on length of duration.   

Blue Box Support

The Blue box is our standard of assured quality, it means that a project has had our design and installation input from conception to completion. The reason it is important to make this distinction is because many others don't. We want you, our clients and end users to be confident that we have clear and definable structure in place at every point in a project.


Calculations are checked and then checked again, we hand each project over internally to a project manager who's sole purpose is to deliver what you have agreed and purchased through the sales team.