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We have many specialist suppliers who bring together different complimentary product groups to do different jobs. As such they require specialist training and agreements for the supply and installation of goods. For example only particular companies are allowed to supply and install (installation is mandatory as part of the supply agreement) 150” Flat Panel Screens. As you can image something of this size and weight can be quite an extreme work of engineering. We also use quite complex networking systems, which also require a high degree of expertise to get the best out of.


It won’t surprise you to learn that for the very best in audio and visual equipment you have to be a seasoned expert with all of the correct support structures in place to be a dealer. For example you wouldn’t just open up a car dealership and expect to be supplied by Lamborghini or Ferrari. The same is the case for high end audio and video products and this is because, as in the car industry they want to preserve their brand integrity. This means contractually we are not allowed to list certain products on the internet and that we offer an install only service.


Technology is always moving, always evolving and always coming up with new and exciting ways of engaging with our lives. That’s why it’s incredibly important for us to keep on top of our game. We belong to many different trade and official bodies that have a network of companies all looking at the latest tech and reviewing what’s happening in the sectors that matter.

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