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Video Conferencing with Intelligent video

Give everyone an equal seat at the table. Even when they're not at the table.

Technology that helps you read the room.

Video conferencing is the backbone of today’s hybrid workplace. For true collaboration, everyone, onsite or -off, must be able to participate equally and fully. That’s why Crestron Flex Video Conferencing with Intelligent Video technology is designed to give everyone, no matter where they work, the most inclusive, engaging and equitable experience.

Solutions that ensure everyone shares the screen equally.

Intelligent face framing recognizes each participant in the room individually. So remote participants simultaneously see the full room and everyone in the room clearly and distinctly. The ability to see reactions, gestures and expressions creates a richer more real understanding of what’s being said.

Voice Tracking intuitively focuses on and frames whoever’s speaking, following them as they move or gesture. The ability to connect to who’s speaking is good for everyone who’s listening remotely allowing for a more engaging experience.

Voice Tracking. Cameras that also know how to listen.

Whiteboard sessions are a key collaboration tool. Whiteboard sharing enables participants to view and share from multiple whiteboards digitally and collaborate fully in each session. So, everyone in person or remote can fully participate in every collaboration.

Real time whiteboard streaming for a more inclusive experience.

Camera Solutions

A smart solution for medium to large rooms.

Integrated Soundbar Solutions

Plug-and-play options for fast set up and maximum ease. Ideal for small meeting spaces.

Get intelligent video to work for you:
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