Free Sonos Installation

Terms and Conditions

  1. Network integrity: It is assumed that your internet wifi is robust enough to cover the location you would like the product to be installed. We will not take responsibility for extending your network unless you ask us to do so. We will charge our standard hourly rate plus any further product requirments.

  2. Network details: We expect to the customer to furnish us with all passwords and IP settings for routers, wireless access points and extenders before installation takes place to allow an efficient installation. Please refer to your ISP or network installer for passwords. Our installation technicians will not hold any of your information on successful completion.

  3. Installation: If you miss an appointment with your Drexler Hooke technician you will be charged at our hourly rate for any further visits, alternatively you can collect your purchased items from us at your convenience. Our technician’s usual working hours are between 0900 – 1700hrs, Monday to Saturday, however acceptations can be made upon discussion. Our technicians do not carry ladders as standard if you have a requirement for speakers to be installed higher than 183cm or 6ft please make sure you inform us before the installation so we can accommodate you. If you do not we will assume it a missed appointment and will charge you for any further returns at our hourly rate. Any installation requirements at a height above the practical use of a standard 170cm or 5.5ft ladder will need to be risk assed and will be charged at our hourly rate.

  4. Support: Once we have shown you that your purchased items are working we will pass your details on to the Sonos support team and they will be your point of reference moving forward.

  5. Free Sonos installation: Our service is only applicable to Sonos products purchased from Drexler Hooke and has no monetary value. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other purchase or offer. If you're having several different items installed at the same time we will calculate the labour accordingly and give you a written breakdown. This promotion only applies within the M25 London.

  6. All of our decisions are final and we reserve the right to remove our offer of free installation at any point without notice.

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