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01. Loft Cinema 5.1

Using some beautifully crafted Anthony Gallo globe speakers we were able to establish a minimalist design where space was tight. Creating a cool hideaway for the kids with epic quality and funky finish.

02. Kitchen Sounds

This area combined ceiling speakers and colour match Artcoustic flat panel wall speakers. Being driven by Sonos, the client had all of their streaming services at the touch of a button.

03. Lighting Control

Using a lighting control system gives you a huge amount of flexibility in how your house behaves. The 'all off' button can leave designated 'wander zones' dimly lit to help aid anyone moving around at night. Or perhaps the 'mockupancy' feature which makes your home appear there are occupants even when you're away.

04. Bespoke Bathrooms

Having access to all your services in the bathroom can deliver news in the mornings and ambience in the evenings.

05. Open Plan Basement

This area had the space for an 85" screen with cinema surround sound. To keep the open floor plan we hid speakers in the ceiling. Including some premium units that dropped out of the ceiling when the system started up.

06. Design

Working closely with the clients architect we were able to understand the style that was being developed. We suggested technology that would be either hidden or minimalist.

07. Automation

Syncing all of the technology together with a control system allows us to create pre-programmed actions. For example if the intruder detection system notices movement on the periphery of the property our system can launch first action responses; like turning on lights or switching on televisions. Frequently this is enough to scare off  any opportunist.








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