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01. Media Room

In this beautiful room we put together a system that would allow the user to easily create and consume content. A high speed fibre connection meant that wide band streaming was fast and robust.

02. Subtle Design

As you can imagine an interior as design conscious as this requires very subtle technology. The key was to hide as much as we could but still have stunning levels of performance when needed.

03. Light and Sound

In the bedrooms we wanted to make sure that the lighting was carefully balanced with the natural light. This property had floor to ceiling windows in practically every room.

04. Green Courtyards

Bringing the outside in, clean air and creating the right lighting environment is an important aspect of our approach to healthy living.

05. Spot Lighting

Curating art isn't just about pictures on walls or statues. In this case the clients sneaker collection required some highlighting.

06. Sleek Lines

The design elements in this project meant every light fixture was carefully thought about, chosen and then placed.

07. Black Crow

The logistics of installing in the West End are not easy. However we endeavour to make this all part of our service so we build an installation plan at the outset. This covers things like parking and access for large goods.








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