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01. Automated Blinds

When you open your living space up to more light folk often forget that with light comes heat. Wireless automated battery blinds by QMotion spcified and installed by us.

02. Subtle Lighting

Electrical light is just as important as natural light. Both require serious attention if you want to get the finish perfect. Using an automated system means we can 'tune' it to the exact requirements. 

03. Spot the Cinema

For this open plan living area we advised blending the equipment into the room so when off it would fade into the background. We used high quality ceiling speakers in a surround configuration to give good performance and a screen that doubles as a painting.

04 .The Earlier the Better

Engaging us early on in the planning process means we can consult on the best and most practical technology for you.

05. Garden Entertainment

External rated speakers, external rated screen and a fast internet connection. Perfect for pool side play.

06. Cabling for Every Possibility

Technology moves fast. Understanding the fundamentals means we can specify the right connections for the right locations. For now and for the future.

07. The Before Shot

We are just as happy to consult and design for projects as well as supply. If you're undecided on what you want we can create a pre-wire layout for you.  Leaving you to decide later.








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