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Lancaster Gate

We had a very clear instruction from the client’s representative on this project. They wanted to make sure that the connected home system was a simple as possible and that it was very reliable. Of course it went without saying that the client expected the best possible quality for the budget. So we went about designing a system that met the client’s expectations.

The client was from the Middle East and requested both Sky and Arab sat so we put together a dual Satellite distribution system. You can see this in the picture of the wall plates. The white aerial terminal was for the Sky and the black one was for the Arab Sat. We then made sure this was cabled to each television point. This allowed us to build a connected home system local to each television screen, meaning if something went down it wouldn’t affect the other televisions. Also from a troubleshooting aspect it would be very straightforward.

The equipment was controlled from a single universal remote control which had been programmed by us so we could take away the other controllers.
This project also consisted of us installing security systems, burglar alarm and CCTV.

  • Location: Lancaster Gate

  • Project Size: £45k

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