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This WELL feature requires projects to strategize an acoustical plan that identifies sources of noise that can negatively impact interior spaces.


Architectural trends, such as open workspaces, lightweight construction and exposed finishes or HVAC foster acoustically uncomfortable environments. When noise from internal or external sources is increased in a space, occupants have been found to be easily distracted, less productive and susceptible to burnout. In office environments, employees care about privacy and collaboration. In one study from the United Kingdom, 99% of employees reported that their concentration was impaired by poor acoustical comfort in the workplace. Similar conditions are reported in workplaces worldwide. Some reports have shown that occupants are less likely to help others under high noise conditions, reducing collaboration in the workplace.


To address noise, floor plans should be designed with intent and use in mind. For example, a typical office can be categorized into four key types of programming: spaces for concentration, collaboration, socialization and learning.
We will work with you and your designers to make sure your space is optimized with these principles at the heart of the plan.


With a combination of full audio mapping, strategically placed sensors and an array of acoustical treatments we will put you in control of your workspace environment.

Integrating the 'Sound' module into the S.U.N intelligence platform will allow staff to engage with the building on a level unrealised before. Feedback for services can be pushed through the corporate messaging app or digital monitors around the building. Allowing users to understand what location will suit any given requirement. We can also show 'hotspots' of noise levels throughout the day via a 3D floorplan heatmap. This gives staff the ability to understand when and where they can go to acheive their current goal.

It also allows designated personnel to understand a built up picture of areas where noise is constant and beyond required parameters. Allowing for corrective strategies to bring levels back within optimal requirements.

As part of the 'Sound' module we can also offer telecommunication and AV systems, which utilise speech enhancement technology.

Drexler Hooke and the S.U.N platform can help you build a space that exceeds expectations.

Attracting top talent, raising productivity and cultivating long-term resilience.

Getting back to business during these pandemic times.

Becoming more knowledgeable about how we can use our places and spaces to make us safer and healthier.

Adding important professional credentials for career advancement.

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