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  • Location: Hammersmith, London

  • Project Size: £50k

Don't worry this isn't a spelling mistake! We were so inspired by the possibilities of this project we called it our 'Muse' house. This is a beautiful home overlooking the river at Hammersmith. The amount of foot traffic that happens in front of the perimeter gate is quite significant given the location so security was very important to the client.

The exterior wall with its own entry gate allows the owner to use the front of the house like an air lock. Allowing visitors into the front of the property but still having the security of the front door of the house. To take advantage of this we suggested a door entry keypad that has a colour HD camera and two way communications. It also has a numeric keypad so codes can be set to release the door depending on time/day/month. For example if the cleaner comes on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at two o’clock she can be issued with a code that will only allow her entry at those times.

This all runs through a bespoke control system called Control4. It was also programmed to run the lighting and heating systems. As well as the audio (via Sonos) and TV systems.

The security system also included a number of HD cameras with movement sensitivity and a full burglar alarm system.
The integration ensures that most of the tech and cabling connecting this smart home is concealed out of sight.

Riverside Muse

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