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Chelsea Apartment

Upon receiving a phone call from an old client asking if “we would mind popping by the apartment because there’s a slight problem with the system” it was discovered as an understatement. Fortunately it wasn’t the electronics that caused the fire but a scented candle.

After being shown the damage done to the place we worked with the client and their insurance loss adjuster to start again from scratch. We were able to reinstall and update the layout of the system to give a much better overall aesthetic and operability.  

We also re-engineered the lighting layout and programmed them so the last two weeks of operation would be recorded. This then allows the client to replay the past usage when away on holiday giving an added security feature. A new data distribution panel managed the connections to every room for internet access plus wifi throughout. We also integrated to the buildings communal feeds for Sky and terrestrial and then distributed those around the apartment.

  • Location: Chelsea, London

  • Project Size: £20k

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