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Berkeley Homes

Drexler Hooke have a close relationship with Berkeley Homes but every project we do is direct with the client. This creates a number of interesting challenges but we haven’t come across anything we haven’t been able to resolve.


On this particular project the client wanted to have some in ceiling speakers and for us to oblige meant cutting out the holes and running the cables ourselves. This was achieved and we put the necessary electronics up out of the way in one of the kitchen cupboards.

We also distributed two Sky+ HD boxes, a Sony Playstation and an Xbox around the home to every screen. These were fully controllable and meant that at every screen the family could choose what they wanted to do.

The cinema in the basement was a very simple system 5.1 surround sound with a projector and screen. This really was the main focal point from an AV point of view and the rest of the house was run from the rack in the AV cupboard.

  • Location: Acton, London

  • Project Size: £16k

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