Designing Sound for Luxury Destinations

Restaurateurs, Hoteliers and Bar owners are all competing for the same customer. With many luxury Hotels they'll have an amazing bar and restaurant to attract the punters! It takes great pains and cost to implement a beautifully designed environment that makes the consumer gasp in delight as they experience such luxury and opulence. But what makes these places stand out above the competition and how is their influence realised in establishments that may not have the history or the budget to compete?

Pendant Light Speakers add to the overall 'Industrial' Design

Remember, ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’? This couldn’t be more apt when looking at luxury destinations. The theatrical element of creating such experiences for the consumer becomes paramount, especially if it is a franchise model. If one needs to repeat the play in many different locations it should have a strong storyline.

The new luxury for the millennial is experience. To create a strong and loyal fan base one must look at how this experience is created and consumed. Because ultimately you will be judged and reviewed by every customer via a social media platform. So how can we capture the attention of the consumer in these times of immediate and rapid gratification lust? By Remembering that your brand and your business is the enhancement to their online media presence just as it is to yours. If you can make them look and feel good they will return the favour tenfold. So when you look at the design and layout of your space remember the words of George Lucas (the grandfather of millennial storytelling), “The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie”. So when considering your audio system and its layout remember it makes up 50% of the theatre, 50% of the experience and 50% of the value.

B&O Beosound Shape all of the electronics are made from the hexagonal units

So how can we design and implement a system worthy of such a large and important part of the destination experience?

Ultimately it depends on budget, the type of space and use of products that will compliment design. Of course speakers aren’t just speakers anymore they’re a focal point for interaction. What I mean by this is that consumers can now select and be part of the playlist selection via their own devices. Limiting the interaction is obviously important and can be easily achieved with modern products. However, what a great way to build awareness by having requests made via social media or allowing the customer to be a direct part of the playlist selection while they’re in the venue!

The Sonos Play 1 on a ceiling mount bracket

There are many products out there that I personally think would be amazing for these kinds of installations. My advice is to try and avoid the boring flush mount ceiling speaker option, make a design statement with your choices.

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